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Spanish Tack

Spanish tack. Traditional spanish saddles, alta escuela and doma vaquera, handmade in Andalusia by a master craftsman. Vaquero saddles to measure.

Spanish and portuguese bridles, with all the correct details and accessories.

Spanish tack is an art form. The saddlemakers take pride in their work, and the owners appreciate the beauty as much as the practicality.

vaqueros Craftsmen make tack by hand, using the leather of Spain and the skills of generations. This is leatherwork that is made to last. A vaquero saddle - used every day in the country - can easily last 20 years.

Ramón is a guarnicionero. He makes spanish, portuguese and vaquero saddles, and other traditional tack, by hand.

  • A choice of tack, finishes and detail
  • Saddles and bridles hand stitched and embossed to your individual design
  • Saddle blankets embroidered with your own brand - and if you don’t have a brand, he can help you design one.
  • Costs are low because you are dealing direct with the workshop.

Hand made, Hand crafted Spanish Tack

A variety of Spanish tack in various stages of completion fills Ramón’s workshop.
Saddles could include: (The fotos below are specifically of Ramon’s work. The images are copyrighted, and may not be used to illustrate any other site or saddles)

saddle Silla Vaquera more on the Vaquero saddle

saddle Silla Española Alta Escuela, the Classic spanish saddle.

saddler Silla Amazona, the Spanish side saddle.

silla Silla Mixta, a combination of the vaquero saddle and the portuguese.

Everything here is crafted in the traditional manner, and Ramón’s spanish tack is in demand across Spain.

vaquero sadles There is no hurry around Ramón. He works with patience and precision, chatting easily, pausing occasionally to emphasise a point. His hands move with the assurance of familiarity across the leather as he measures and cuts.

We are friends of Ramon, and assist him with translations. We are happy to pass any queries on to him. We do not receive any remuneration for this.

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